Just a few days ago we found out we had been subject of various scams. A similar internet address is on the net and coping our image is trying to cheat unsuspecting suppliers, mainly foreign companies. At the same time unknown is trying to establish business contacts using our name and vat number in order to get important supplies with delivery in unrelated locations.
We made the necessary complaints to Italian Authority which is already investigating on this illegal matter.
To avoid any unpleasant consequences we remind our suppliers that they can find our contacts in the As.Ca official web site (www.asca-bo.it) or can keep to refer to the same people since our staff members are not changed.

We also remind all our suppliers that our delivery locations are the following:

Our Headquarters
Via Trattati di Roma, 64 40055 Villanova di Castenaso (Bo)


c/o Artic Freezing Docks Spa
Via C. Monari Sardè 10
40010 Bentivoglio (Bo)